Done in an hour! Get off the road! #lordoftherings #peterjackson

Jazzed outta my yams to be featured in MonkeyBrain Publishing’s horror-anthology Boo! again this Halloween! A quick shot of my overly-complicated thumbnails, which involve a lot of symbols and arrows and directionals. I can’t do them any other way! Last year’s comic was a bit tame in comparison to this one where I’m really getting to scratch that horror itch. Will only be using ONE color for this bad boy!  

The Bride #Frankenstein #monsters #brideoffrankenstein

Another school demo class got The Creature From the Black Lagoon! This one was a ten minute demo #Monsters #Blacklagoon

An hour break in between fairs today and rather than lunch there was ART #Godzilla #greengoblin #spiderman #Pokémon

Sending a friend of mine whom I have worlds of respect for a Lord Of the Rings gifty in the mail. Had so much fun making this I’d be happy to make someone one. Any takers? Shoot me a message if you’d like one, cheap prices folks!

There’s a FOREST on the ocean floor! Listening to my friend Sea Oleena’s song “Asleep At the Wheel” (please check her out…AMAZING). I documented my process over on my blog at

My friend and I really dig the yams outta Journey To the West and this was a piece we made comin’ up on two years ago. 

I would LOVE to revisit these fellas 

Sun Wukong for #sketch_dailies painted with my new watercolors #SunWukong #journeytothewest #goku

Crocodile ink wash while laundry was drying. Maybe I should do an all animal commission series? #crocodile #wildlife #CaptainHook

Another folklore/cryptid piece done for my friend. This is of one of my all time favorites. Water hags like Jenny Greenteeth and Tommy Rawhead are so DAMN creepy to me. They creep the piss outta me and I drew Rawhead and Bloody Bones in his marl pit waiting to eat some children. And there’s a Pokeball in there and some Ash Ketchum garb 

A good friend of mine and I had a stint where we were doodling our favorite cryptids. I love the Chupacabra, not to be confused with his Mexican FOOD sucking cousin the Chalupacabra 

I made this about 4 years ago for my senior studio and made about five before I ditched the circus theme. The dumbass goofy things I put in these old timey circus posters still makes me laugh. One poster says Circus Cabbage. WAT

Kaiju demo done for community college art class! #kaiju #godzilla #toho



Holy cow! A poster I did for NH band Badfellows! Go see their shows! Go drink whiskey with lead singer Evan! Go and sing along to their fine musings! 


I’m glad you enjoyed it, person